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Nebula is the premium range of Industrial batteries form Base. Apart from the regular features such as reliability, long back-up and sturdy designs, these tubular batteries come with the longest flat replacement warranty of 60 months. Another worry off your head.
Model Capacity@(AH) Warranty Special Price (Tax Extra) Quantity
BN 13000 130 5 Years Flat 15023
BN 15000 150 5 Years Flat 15885
BN 18000 180 5 Years Flat 17610
BN 20000 NA 5 Years Flat NA


  • Advanced tubular technology using state-of-art high pressure spine sasting machines (>150Bar).
  • High corrosion resistant spine alloy using PDC process ensuring super fine grain structure for extra longer life, strength and reliability.
  • Special low antimony alloy ensures very low self discharge thus increasing shelf life, excellent discharge performance with superb deep discharge recovery.
  • DARAMIC (France) PE envelope separator by virtue of high porosity, low electrical resistance and excellent oxidation resistance, serve as a perfect separation medium.
  • Thro’ partition ICW process for short electrical path - reduces internal resistance and increases performance.
  • Flat negative plate with special additives and expanders for better charge and discharge cycle.
  • Suitable all types of UPS / H-UPS and Standby applications.
  • Aesthetically designed, compact size to suit home, office and business centers.
  • Readily available factory charged batteries reducing commissioning time and prevents external impurities and improper IFC.
  • Specially designed ceramic vent plugs reduced water topping up frequency to minimum ensuring ultra low maintenance characteristics and environment friendly and free from acid fumes.
  • Attractively designed with superior cosmetics in leak proof and heat sealed tall PP container.




Dimensions [in mm] Battery Type Warranty Price
130 9 502 190 407 BT 13000 - NA
150 10.5 502 190 407 BT 15000 - NA
180 12.5 502 190 407 BT 18000 - NA
200 14 502 190 407 BT 20000 - NA


Note: Taxes applicable as per the location of the buyer.