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With 26 years of technological innovation in automotive and standby power solutions, Base is known for unparalleled expertise in batteries. Over two decades of deep research and analysis has qualified Base to manufacture exclusive high-end products for a wide range of applications, in both government and large private sectors including tele - communications, defence, railways, space research and aeronautical industry, etc.
Model Capacity@(AH) Warranty Special Price (Tax Extra) Quantity
BR 7AH-12V 7 12 Months 540
BR 26AH-12V 26 24 Months 2875
BR 42AH-12V 42 24 Months 4600


  • High energy density
  • High deep cycle
  • Modular design for stacking flexibility
  • Robust & Aesthetically attractive design
  • Lead calcium grid alloy
  • Advance formation process
  • Advance computerized process control
  • Effective & Reliable performance under float and cyclic applications
  • High capacity tin plated copper terminals 
Capacity 10Hr (C10 ) Size Model Warraty Price
200 Ah NA BTF2-200 NA NA
300 Ah NA BTF2-300 NA NA
400 Ah NA BTF2-400 NA NA
500 Ah NA BTF2-500 NA NA
600 Ah NA BTF2-600 NA NA
800 Ah NA BTF2-800 NA NA
1000 Ah NA BTF2-1000 NA NA
1500 Ah NA BTF2-1500 NA NA
2000 Ah NA BTF2-2000 NA NA
3000 Ah  NA BTF2-3000 NA NA


Note: Taxes applicable as per the location of the buyer.